Janelle Monáe’s Jaw-Dropping Wet T-Shirt Video Promoting Her Next Single Just Might Break The Internet

Janelle Monáe doesn’t dress “like the Monopoly Man” anymore, as one fan recently put it. In fact, the musician/actor has been making headlines lately for things like their topless birthday party, dancing at the Met Gala after-party in a bikini, and NSFW teasers for new music. Speaking of the latter, they’re back with a new one today and it’s certainly risqué.

The video starts with Monáe wearing a wide-brimmed hat, playing an acoustic guitar, and singing a new song. After about 30 seconds of that, the video cuts to a revealing clip of Monáe, wearing a wet, white t-shirt that says “pleasure” on the chest as she emerges from a pool. The song continues all the while and the video ends by noting the song, called “Lipstick Lover,” is set to drop this week, on May 11.

On the track, Monáe sings, “I’ll take my time / Just wanna feel your hips on mine / I really got a thing for my lipstick lover, lover, lover, lover / I’d do anything for my lipstick lover, lover, lover, lover / I really got a thing for my lipstick lover.”

While their primary output lately has been related to her successful acting career, they’ve been paying more attention to the music side of things recently, like in February when they dropped the new single “Float.”

Janelle Monáe is a Warner Music artist. .