Jonah Hill Chooses His Top Five Rappers In A Deleted ‘You People’ Scene And Gets Flak For His Eminem Pick

Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy team up for You People, but in a scene that didn’t make the film’s final cut, more legends find their way into the movie. Specifically, a number of hip-hop icons, when Hill’s character makes his pick for the top five rappers ever and gets roasted for including Eminem.

In the clip, Ezra (Hill’s character) and Mo (played by Sam Jay) are hosting an episode of their The Mo & E-Z Show podcast when the topic of their top five rappers comes up. Ezra makes his picks: “1. Jay-Z, 2. Biggie, 3. 2Pac, 4. Nas, and 5. Eminem.”

Mo responds, “That’s in order? — Eminem though?” Ezra replies, “Why do I have to keep defending Shady? I mean, his sole purpose is to be on other people’s tracks and murder them. I mean, ‘Renegade?’ ‘Dead Wrong,’” he says in reference to tracks by Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G.

Mo then says, “Dog, he’s like, I don’t know the Larry Bird of rap, you know what I mean? He’s not great: He’s just great because he’s a white man in a Black man’s game.” Ezra retorts, “That is so stupid. That might be the dumbest sh*t you’ve ever said to me.”

Check out the clip above.