Kanye West’s Release Date For ‘Donda 2’ Might Have Been Inspired By A First-Ever Occurrence With Pluto

Five months after Kanye West released his tenth album Donda, which was met with a few delays, the rapper is prepared to release its sequel. Earlier this week, West announced that Donda 2 will arrive on February 22 and that it will be executive-produced by Future. Many are understandably unsure if West will deliver the album on that day, as he has a well-documented history of pump-faking on release dates. However, thanks to an Instagram story Kanye shared, there’s seems to be some significance behind the date he chose, which hopefully means it will arrive on schedule.


West shared a screenshot that revealed February 22 is also a big deal in astrology. “Astrologically, a Pluto return is when the heavenly body returns to the same position in a birth chart where it was when the chart began,” the image read. According to Bustle, Pluto’s return occurs once every 248 years, meaning that this will be the first one in the United States since the nation’s founding.

Furthermore, one of Future’s nicknames is Pluto, dating back to his 2012 debut album of the same title. Other times Future has used the name were on his 2012 mixtape Astronaut Status, and his 2021 joint project with Lil Uzi Vert, Pluto X Baby Pluto.

You can view a screenshot of Kanye’s post above.