Killer Mike Plans To Bless A Fan With A Blazingly Good Gift For Her Future 4/20 Wedding Date

Much like the rest of us on Twitter last night, Killer Mike poked fun at the app’s possible demise. “Happy 420 Stoners,” the Run The Jewels rapper wrote. For some, it took a while to catch on to his joke, with some fans even hinting they were too high to get it.

“And here’s my dumb *ss blinking at the calander and counting months on my fingers like ‘sh*t I thought that was April,'” one person wrote. “Confusing us west coast potheads sir… Took me a minute!” another added.

However, one fan took a different approach to Killer Mike’s joke. She wrote that she would be hosting her wedding on April 20, 2024, otherwise known as National Stoner Day to most.

“My wedding date is 4.20.2024,” Rudy, the user, commented. “Not just for the holiday but it’s a palindrome date.”

“BIG Congratulations!” Killer Mike quoted the lucky future bride’s post. “If Twitter still exist and u remind me I will send ya’ll a small gift. Happy 420 to come.”

The exchange was so light and heartfelt that we genuinely hope that Twitter sticks around, at least until her wedding day in 2024, so we can find out what Killer Mike intends to send for her gift… Obvious bonus points if it’s something weed-related.