Latto Teams With Planned Parenthood To Advocate For Abortion Rights And Access

Latto has been very vocal about women’s rights in her music, but she isn’t afraid to step away from the booth and approach the matter in a different way. In a recent public service announcement, the “Big Energy” artist joined Planned Parenthood in an effort to advocate for abortion rights and access after the controversial Roe vs. Wade decision.

In a Youtube video, the 23-year-old passionately spoke about the state of the country as it relates to pregnant women. “We already know who’s going to be hurt the most by these ridiculous abortion bans: Black women, Brown women, the LGBTQ+ community, and communities with low incomes,” and added “Because of this country’s history of racism and discrimination, these folks already have a hard time getting the health care they need. We all deserve to be safe and it’s every person’s right to make decisions about their own bodies.”

The Columbus artist concluded her PSA with “As an artist, I want to use my platform to let these politicians know: My body is for no one to control, but me.”

Though what comes of this partnership is unclear at the moment, Latto will be recognized for her advocacy within music too at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards when she receives the Video For Good award for her latest single “P*ssy.”

Check out Latto’s public service announcement via Planned Parenthood above.