How Liam Gallagher Found A Way To Finally Beat Noel Gallagher On His Latest Album, ‘As You Were’

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10.09.17 5 Comments

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How did Liam Gallagher do it? Frankly I’m amazed — not by his first solo album, As You Were, a thoroughly solid if unspectacular affair that’s still way better than even the staunchest Oasis fan could’ve expected from a Liam Gallagher album in 2017. I actually refer to the As You Were album cycle, in which Liam was finally able to flip the script on his brother/rival, Noel, gaining the upper hand in their endless (and endlessly awesome) war of spite and pettinesss.

For years, the narrative for the post-Oasis era was “Noel is the reasonable one” and “Liam is the crazy one.” It was baked into even the most innocuous stories about either brother. But as it currently stands, the story has shifted to “Noel is the unreasonable one” and “Liam is still crazy but maybe he’s also the relatively reasonable one.”

How did this happen?

To understand the deftness of Liam’s recent maneuvers, it helps go back to 2009, when Oasis imploded shortly before they were scheduled to take the stage at a festival in Paris. The gig was subsequently canceled due either to Liam’s laryngitis (Liam’s explanation) or Liam’s hangover (Noel’s explanation). It was later reported that the brothers came to semi-blows backstage, with Liam (supposedly) hurling a plum at Noel and Noel (allegedly) threatening to bash his bloody guitar over Liam’s head. Tell me: Can you tell that I’m smiling from ear to ear while typing this nonsense? I will love these idiots forever.

Shortly after, Noel announced that he quit the band, effectively ending Oasis. In a statement, Noel put the blame squarely on his brother, wearily noting that he “simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.” Who could blame him? Evidence for Noel’s assertion that Liam was unbearable includes A) every single thing Liam did in the band for their entire existence before that Paris gig; B) throwing a plum. Case closed.

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