Lil Baby Steals Michael B. Jordan’s Valentine’s Date In A Cheeky ‘SNL’ Promo

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so if you haven’t already got your plans in order, you might as well buckle down for a lonely night in.

Michael B. Jordan learns this lesson the hard way in the new promo for SNL, which he’ll host this week. In the second of the three bits, cast member Heidi Gardner makes a pass at him, hoping to get chose for V-Day, but when Mike snoozes, he loses the opportunity to musical guest Lil Baby.

The trio also has some fun with Lil Baby’s stage name in another bit, while in the third, Heidi’s Michael Buffer impression falls flat when she misidentifies Baby’s place of origin as Alaska instead of Atlanta. That could make for one awkward date!

Throughout the clip, it looks like all three are having fun, even if the rapper has a little bit of a “deer in headlights” look to him — which is understandable, considering he’s stepping out of his element. However, his one-time partner-in-rhyme Gunna acquitted himself well in some sketches when he appeared on SNL, so perhaps Lil Baby will surprise us too.

Baby is fresh off the release of his third album, It’s Only Me, which dropped back in October. It’s nice to see he’s still pushing it, considering how quickly artists move on from their projects these days.

You can watch the SNL promo above.