Lil Nas X And The Wiggles Teased A Collaboration, Leaving Parents Big Mad

It appears that a collaboration with Lil Nas X is underway for Australian children’s entertainers, The Wiggles. The two teased a collaboration last year, when Lil Nas X seemingly joked on Twitter, saying, “trying really hard to get the wiggles to coheadline the tour with me. i will keep you guys updated.”

The Wiggles responded to him, saying ‘We’re ready to wiggle with you!’

On this most recent New Year’s Eve, a member of The Wiggles shared a photo of the group with Lil Nas X, which seemed to confirm that a collaboration had manifested.

While many fans were excited that Lil Nas X and The Wiggles spoke their meet-up into existence, some people were less than thrilled about it.

“Is this what you guys support?” asked one person in the comments.

“As a children’s entertainer/influencer, I don’t find it responsible promoting this dude,” said another. “Extremely inappropriate.”

Another commenter cited Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video, in which he is seen giving satan a lapdance. This person said, Lil Nas X…this is the dude with the Satan worshipping video and the Nikes with the blood inside them?? I thought wiggles was an advocate for children.”

Fortunately, the outpour of support outweighed the negative pushback. One parent even said they want to encourage their kid to tune into The Wiggles.

“all these ppl getting mad is hilarious,” they said. “fully support more than ever. now to take my 8 month old to watch.”