The Wiggles’ Yummy Yummy Tame Impala Cover Combines ‘Elephant’ With ‘Fruit Salad’

Australia has been kind to the world in terms of its musical output, as the country has exported a range of esteemed artists including Kylie Minogue, AC/DC, Courtney Barnett, and a host of others. One of the country’s most successful groups of all time may not be an obvious pick, but it’s one a lot of children have heard over the years: The Wiggles.

Hosts of Triple J’s “Like A Version” segment and fans recently campaigned to get The Wiggles to make an appearance on the show, and sure enough, those efforts were a success: The band stopped by to cover another Australian classic, Tame Impala’s “Elephant,” but mixed it up by combining the track with one of their own most beloved tunes, “Fruit Salad.”

At this point, the only remaining member of the band who was around during their commercial peak in the 2000s is Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle), as Murray Cook (the former Red Wiggle), Jeff Fatt (Purple), and Greg Page (Yellow) all left the group in 2012. However, Cook and Fatt put their colored shirts on again and rejoined the band for this performance.

The appearance coincided with the band’s 30th anniversary, which they are celebrating with the compilation album We’re All Fruit Salad: The Wiggles Greatest Hits.

Watch The Wiggles cover “Elephant” above. They also spoke about the cover in an interview video, so check that out below.