Lil Nas X Wants To Tour With The Wiggles And If He’s Serious, They’re On Board

A few days ago, Lil Nas X shared some big news, announcing the Long Live Montero Tour, his first-ever headlining concert tour. Then, the next day, he took to Twitter to share some follow-up news, tweeting, “trying really hard to get the wiggles to coheadline the tour with me. i will keep you guys updated.”

Of course, Lil Nas X jokes more than just about anybody in the music industry, so it’s extremely possible/likely that he was just goofing around with that message. If he did happen to be serious, though, The Wiggles are ready.

A few hours after Nas’ tweet, The Wiggles responded, confirming that they’re on board by tweeting, “We’re ready to wiggle with you,” followed by four heart emojis, one in each color of the group’s members. The group’s Anthony Field offered his own response, tweeting, “The Big Red Car is packed and ready mate! Let’s Wiggle!”

Lil Nas X later shared a screenshot of The Wiggles’ response and added a photo of a smiling LeBron James with the text, “Smiling through it all! Can’t believe this is my life.”

It’s important to remember that odds are, Lil Nas X was kidding and The Wiggles are just going along with the joke for a good bit of internet fun. Still, it’s not like The Wiggles are strangers to big names in the music industry, as they recently performed with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. Also, actually going through with a co-headlining Wiggles tour would be a hilarious feather in Lil Nas X’s comedic cap.