Noted Pizza Loyalist Lil Yachty Launches Yachty’s Pizzeria, His Own Frozen Pizza Line

Following a year of fast food partnerships with rappers, including Saweetie at McDonald’s, Jack Harlow at KFC, and Megan Thee Stallion at Popeye’s, it appears grocery partnerships are the new wave: Lil Yachty has officially launched Yachty’s Pizzeria, a line-up of frozen pizzas now available in Walmart stores.

Yachty’s Pizzeria comes in four different flavors, including buffalo-style chicken, hot honey cheese, pepperoni and bacon, and veggie supreme.

In an interview with Complex, Yachty shared how his pizza brand, which comes in partnership with Deep Cuts, came to be.

“The fact is bro, I really love pizza,” Yachty said. “It’s really my favorite food, especially frozen pizza. So, it’s been something I’ve been saying for years. It became more serious within the last year-and-a-half.”

While many artists have executed some of their ideas outside of music during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Yachty said this is something he has wanted to do since the beginning of his career. “I just added a new manager to my team who made it happen,” he said.

Yachty once said he had eaten pizza every day since the second grade, although now, he says his pizza-eating habits are “not as hardcore” these days.

Elsewhere in the interview, Yachty reiterated the importance of partnering with brands that reflect an artist’s values and how they can expand their cash flow beyond music.

“I mean, [brand partnership is] extremely important if that’s what you care about,” Yachty said. “For some people, that may not be what they’re here for. If you care to become this public figure and be on a cereal box, or a f*cking lotion bottle, or you want a cologne company, whatever it is, then yes, expanding your brand is so important.”