Mase Accuses Diddy Of Tampering With His Lovers & Friends Festival Set

Mase’s set at Lovers & Friends Festival this past Saturday (May 14) should have been a special moment for both him and the Las Vegas attendees. Sadly, the sound system had other plans as he had technical difficulties throughout his performance, culminating in the sound being completely cut off for around ten minutes after he tried to perform the 1997 classic record “Mo Money Mo Problems” also featuring The Notorious B.I.G and Diddy. Mase seems to believe it was no accident, blaming the latter for coordinating the blunder.

The New York rapper told the crowd “I see what’s going on. I’m used to being hated on. I’m used to what’s going on. Somebody, somewhere paid a few dollars to stop my show. But that can’t stop somebody like me. I don’t get ran away too easy. I just wasn’t ready for that, so I’m gonna take my time.” He continued with “Thank you Puff, you know he paid for that right? I got you n****. I heard you loud and clear.”

Mase has been very public with his disdain for Diddy over the years, citing discrepancies with the amount of money he’s been paid for publishing and going as far as to say the Bad Boy founder has been capitalizing on the death of Biggie for selfish monetary gain. Diddy hasn’t commented on the matter yet as he was busy with the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.