Mexico Is Fining Ticketmaster After Bad Bunny Ticketholders Were Denied Entry Into His Mexico Shows

Over the course of the past weekend, several Bad Bunny fans in Mexico City were turned away from his two shows that were being held that past weekend. Over 1,600 fans were denied entry on Friday (December 9) and over 100 on Saturday (December 10), despite the fact that they were holding tickets. Following the events, Mexico’s Federal Attorney’s Office For Consumers (PROFECO) has launched an investigation.

The head of PROFECO, Ricardo Sheffield spoke to Radio Formula about the denial of entry to fans

“As we are a fiscal authority, if they don’t want to pay of their own will, we will seize their accounts then, and they will pay because they have to,” said Sheffield.

Sheffield noted that PROFECO will require Ticketmaster to reimburse fans for the tickets purchased, as well as provide them with an additional 20 percent. He also shared that the company will be ordered to pay a fine to the city, which would match 10 percent of their 2021 earnings.

Ticketmaster Mexico has taken to social media, claiming that the fans were turned away at entry not due to an oversell of tickets, but because the tickets were counterfeits. PROFECO has conducted an investigation, which concluded that the fans had purchased the tickets through legitimate channels.