Nicki Minaj Reveals When ‘Queen Radio’ Will Make Its Return

It’s been almost three years since Nicki Minaj released an episode of Queen Radio. The platform, which Nicki has used to promote her music and share announcements in addition to some other controversial moments, has not held an episode since 2019. That same year, she promised that Queen Radio would make a return alongside the release of her single “Megatron.” While “Megatron” was released on time, there was no episode of Queen Radio. Now, at long last, it’s coming back.

On April 8, Queen Radio will make its return, though it won’t do so on Apple Music’s radio platform, where it was previously housed. Instead, it will make its return on Amp, a new app from Amazon. Through Amp, listeners will be able to enjoy music and commentary from Nicki and even call in to speak with her — if she decides to allow them to. They can also share the tracks that they’re enjoying. Amp has access to tens of millions of songs from Universal Music Group artists, while other names like Big Boi, Tinashe, and Pusha T will also host shows on the platform.

Nicki shared the announcement about her show’s return during a livestream on Instagram. You can watch a clip from the livestream above.