Normani Celebrates Her Birthday With A Golden Bikini Photo Shoot In Cabo

Normani seems to have a knack for timing her new music drops with racy photo shoots on her Instagram feed. Back in March, the “Wild Side” singer posed completely naked on a couch while explaining the inspiration behind her single “Fair,” which came out four days later. “This song really captures me in one of my most vulnerable moments,” she commented back then.

Now just two days after indicating that her next single is called “Candy Paint,” Normani donned a golden bikini in idyllic Palmilla, Los Cabos, Mexico for a series of photos on Instagram. Pretty smart marketing? Sure. But we’ll give her a pass, because Normani’s post was in celebration of her 26th birthday. “Just feeling sooooo grateful today,” she commented. “Thank you lord for twenty six years around the sun. it’s y’all favorite bad bitch birthdaaaaaaaaay.” The shoot moved from a swank pad, to a boat, to a beachside hut.

Meanwhile Normani and Sam Smith recently came under fire when a copyright infringement claim was filed over their mega hit “Dancing With A Stranger.” The songwriters behind Jordan Vincent’s largely unknown electropop song “Dancing With Strangers alleged that, “The hook/chorus in both songs — the most significant part and artistic aspect of these works — contains the lyrics ‘dancing with a stranger’ being sung over a nearly identical melody and musical composition.”