The Ageless Pharrell Detailed The Decades Of Effort That Have Gone Into Maintaining His Youthful Glow

In a new interview with The Guardian, Pharrell answered questions from readers. He shared which De La Soul albums he thinks everybody should hear. He also discussed what fans really want to know: How he’s maintained his youthful glow over the years.

“I have been dealing with my dermatologist for 26 years,” the 49-year-old explained. “It’s a combination of things. One is understanding that I needed to be curious about how my skin works, what works for it, and then coming up with some sort of regimen and being committed to it. That’s what led us to stepping into skin health [Williams launched a vegan skincare range called Humanrace in 2020]. Once you understand that you have to be curious about how your skin behaves or conducts itself, that’s when you realize there’s a routine for you. Then be committed; that’s when you have success. The second part was just through experimentation — trying everything out, from over-the-counter to prescription.”

It probably helps that Pharrell frequently partakes in good deeds. Right before the end of last year, the artist’s label teamed up with MINI USA to release an exclusive merch collection featuring a variety of Icecream products. 100 percent of the proceeds went toward Polar Bears International, the non-profit polar bear conservation organization.