‘Rap Sh!t’: The Funny, Wholesome, Good, And Odd Sh!t From The Season 1 Finale

(SPOILERS for this latest Rap Sh!t episode will be found below.)

Well, just like that, season one of Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t is now in the books. For the past eight episodes, we watched Miami natives Shawna and Mia go from regular names to a rap duo making noise on the South Beach music scene. Their two records, “Seduce & Scheme” and “Nann Badder,” boosted the girl into places they only dreamed of being. There’s a tour ahead of them for season two, but there are new and bigger obstacles ahead of the duo that will have to be tackled next season in order for their careers to progress.

For starters, Shawna seemingly has her credit card fraud habits catch up to her as police officers meet her at her job to speak to her. Mia has a new romance brewing in her life, but it’s one that will surely affect the relationship she has with her baby father Lamont who produces for Shawna and Mia.

Weekly episodes of Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t are filled with funny sh!t, wholesome sh!t, good sh!t, and odd sh!t — all in just 30-minutes. After each episode, we’ll recap each of the moments for you which you can check out below.

Funny Sh!t

Mia’s Friends: After having a disagreement with Shawna following their performance in episode seven, Mia reconnects with her other girlfriends for a night out at the club. Once the drinks come to them, Mia and her girls get to turning up, especially as “Seduce & Scheme” plays in the club. Soon enough, Mia is spotted by a fellow Miami rapper who shoots his shot with her. While Mia is certainly interested, her girlfriend’s comments and actions throughout the night make for some hilarious moments in the season one finale. The jokes and antics only increase when Mia and her girls join the Miami rapper and his guys for a late-night meal — which ends with the rapper giving Mia a large amount of money so she can skip work to hang out with him.

Wholesome Sh!t

Mia and Lamont: Early into the season one finale of Rap Sh!t, it seemed like Mia and Lamont were actually set on making things work out for themselves. The affection between Mia and Lamont can be seen as they wake up in the same bed following an intimate night together. One could say they were just coming off the high of the night before, but even as Mia rushes to get Lamont out the window before their daughter sees them, this moment showcases their desire to take things slow and figure out where they want to go with things. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last until the end of the episode as Mia decides it’s better that they don’t try again with their relationship.

Good Sh!t

Chastity: For much of the season, Chastity, also known as the Duke Of Miami, was seen more as a joke or pest rather than the serious move-maker she wanted to be viewed as. She saw a new opportunity to prove that when she stumbled upon Shawna and Mia’s music. It took some work, some finessing, a bit of convincing, and more, but Chastity helped bring more attention to Shawna and Mia. She did it through key moments like getting their music played at the club for the first time and getting them to perform at James Harden’s party. Despite this, Chastity hadn’t received the respect she deserved and it forced her to sit Shawna and Mia down towards the end of the season finale and remind the ladies of what she’s done for them as well as her status and influence in South Beach.

Odd Sh!t

Shawna and Francois: While Shawna and Mia had yet to resolve their issues, Shawna sought ways to boost the rap duo’s career. One thing led to another and she decided to reconnect with Francois for a second time and squash their beef. Truthfully, with Shawna on the up and up in her career, one would think that she would prefer to keep Francois as a burned bridge, especially as someone who did her wrong in her earlier days. However, in seemingly a desperate attempt to make a move, or maybe to settle an old beef, Shawna decides to start fresh and bring him into the mix to help make moves for her and Mia. Furthermore, Francois calls Shawna a “sister” despite making no attempt to resolve their issues until Shawna started to rise in the underground scene. I feel uneasy about where this is going, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until next season to see what happens.

Season 1 of ‘Rap Sh!t’ is now available to watch on HBO Max.