Rihanna Is Pregnant With Her First Child With ASAP Rocky

After years of mostly unfounded rumors and speculation, it has finally happened — Rihanna is pregnant with her first child. Go figure, it’d take a pandemic to finally fulfill every gossip blogger’s dream — and every R9 hopeful’s worst nightmare. People magazine confirmed the pregnancy, posting a photo of Rihanna and her partner ASAP Rocky out on the town in New York, with Rihanna sporting a cropped top to show off her baby bump. You can check out the photos below.

Naturally, the news has Rihanna fans going ballistic on Twitter. Rihanna herself shot down pregnancy rumors as recently as a month ago, joking, “Y’all breed me every year dammit,” on Instagram. However, it looks like this time, the fans were right and they aren’t being shy about celebrating — and lamenting that she may have finished making a whole human from scratch before her long-awaited follow-up to Anti, which crossed its six-year anniversary over the weekend. And some fans just seemed distraught that they have “missed their chance” with the singer — insomuch as that number was very technically non-zero in the first place.

Meanwhile, poor Drake is catching the worst of it, considering how long he openly crushed on Rihanna. Their relationship was short-lived, but that isn’t stopping fans from flaming him up too over the news.