Dionne Warwick Wants To Make Sure Fans Who Have Her ‘Sad’ Songs In Their Spotify Wrapped Are Doing OK

The 2022 edition of Spotify Wrapped was unveiled yesterday (November 30), which had fans celebrating their favorite music of the year and artists showing appreciation for the fans who spent time listening to their work. When it comes to Dionne Warwick, if she made your Spotify list, she’s concerned.

She tweeted yesterday, “If I am on your @Spotify Wrapped let me know. Most of my songs are sad and I am hoping you’re okay. We can talk about it.”

Sure enough, a number of fans tweeted that Warwick or one/some of her songs made their top five, and Warwick responded by asking how they’re feeling and if they’re doing alright. One follower tweeted about how much they’ve listened to “Anyone Who Had A Heart” in 2022 and Warwick responded, “Go outside and touch nature. I love you. Everything will be okay.”

Meanwhile, somebody else noted, “MY MENTOR, MY FRIEND YOUR SONGS ARE NOT ALL SAD MOST OF THEM HAVE HELPED ME MAKE IT THROUGH LIFE!!” Warwick was appreciative, responding, “This is a lovely message. Thank you.” She was also happy to respond to a user who said Warwick didn’t make their list, writing, “Great. Healthy. [heart emojis].”

Finally, somebody turned the question back on Warwick and asked if she’s doing well. She wrote back, “Yes. I am happy and grateful for family.”