The Monthly Mixtape: Steven Hyden’s Favorite Songs From February 2018

02.28.18 1 year ago


Every month Uproxx Cultural Critic Steven Hyden compiles a playlist of his favorite songs from new albums. This playlist does not include songs from albums by Young Jesus and Turnstile, which Steve suggest you check out in their entirety.

U.S. Girls, “M.A.H.”

For the past decade, Meg Remy has been making off-kilter pop records in which avant-garde provocations collide with bubblegum hooks. Remy’s latest album, In A Poem Unlimited, has garnered the best reviews of her career, and it might even make her a mainstream-ish indie star, due to its wealth of irresistible bangers that inhibit their idiosyncrasies just enough to almost pass for straight-up party music. My favorite track, “M.A.H.,” sounds like a lost ABBA homage by Robyn, but dig deeper in the target of Remy’s ire is none other than Barack Obama, a symbol of failed male promises.

Parquet Courts, “Almost Had To Start A Fight/In and Out of Patience”

Wide Awake, the forthcoming album by New York post-punk wonder boys Parquet Courts (out 5/18), is produced by Danger Mouse, who has a spotty record with nudging scrappy rock bands in more commercially viable directions. But judging by the album’s lovably herky-jerky first single, Parquet Courts remain as cagey as ever. Starting off with Andrew Savage’s hectoring taunts before downshifting into a chunky floor-stomper, “Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out Of Patience” positively bursts with ideas, the opposite of a pared-down pop song.

Bat Fangs, “Turn It Up”

One of the truly perfect rock albums of recent years is Rips, the debut LP by power-pop queens Ex Hex. Fortunately, Ex Hex reportedly is finally at work on a follow-up, and in the meantime the band’s bassist Betsy Wright has started another band, Bat Fangs, whose self-titled album deals in a similar style of sugary swagger, typified by “Turn It Up.”

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