The Game Challenges Eminem To A Rap Battle In A Clip From Uproxx’s ‘Fresh Pair’

At the end of last year, it was announced that sneaker-customizer-to-the-stars Katty Customs would be teaming up with Grammy-nominated and multi-Platinum producer Just Blaze for Fresh Pair, a new show on Uproxx. The upcoming series — set to launch in early summer ’22 — features Katty and Just teaming up to make custom sneakers for some of the biggest names in entertainment. After the hard work of crafting the shoe is done, the hosts sit down with each guest to discuss their careers and how those careers inspired these unique, 1-of-1 kicks.

In a clip from the show — released today, along with a show trailer — The Game chops it up with Katty and Just Blaze. It’s here that he makes a stern challenge to Eminem, clarifying previous mentions of an Em-focused diss track by his manager, Wack 100 — which stemmed from The Game’s appearance on Drink Champs last month. In that interview, The Game claimed that he could not only beat Eminem in a Verzuz but that he is also a better rapper overall. His comments received plenty of criticism, and during his time on Fresh Pair, The Game responded to the criticism with tremendous nuance.

“I’ve always told myself that ‘you are the best rapper!'” The Game said after pointing out how the late Kobe Bryant was often compared to Michael Jordan. “Everything that we do, if you’re doing it on this level that we’re doing it at, is some type of competition. Usain Bolt ain’t running around the track by himself in the Olympics. It’s n****s trying to beat him and he’s trying to beat somebody.”

The Game added that his comments towards Eminem were to “challenge him” and “challenge hip-hop.” He makes it very clear that this isn’t about violence, it’s only about rap. Just Blaze then asked The Game why he’s taking aim at Eminem specifically, and The Game revealed that it’s tied to his longtime beef with 50 Cent.

“50 can’t rap,” The Game said. “So I gotta go a level up and challenge the better rapper, that’s why. And not to take nothing away from what 50’s doing, he can see it and tweet it, but he knows I’m gonna respond. Or he can go rap about it, but he knows he’s gonna lose that battle.” He later added, speaking of 50: “When it comes to rap, he can’t out-rap me. Your buddy can rap though, and nobody takes shots at Eminem off this preconceived notion that he’s better than everybody. Well, I want action and I want it today.”

The clip is paired with a trailer for Fresh Pair that reveals five of the eight season 1 guests — Jadakiss, Jim Jones, El-P, Styles P, and The Game. The show is set to air on Uproxx and