The Game Believes He Can Beat Eminem In A ‘Verzuz,’ But People Think Otherwise

The Game loves to make bold claims. Earlier this week, The Game said that Kanye West did more for his career in two weeks than Dr. Dre did over his. It should be noted that Dre signed The Game to Aftermath back in 2003 and executive produced his debut album, The Documentary. Prior to that, The Game claimed that he’s the best rapper from Compton, though fans of Kendrick Lamar among others strongly disagreed.

Now The Game has a new claim: During a recent interview on NORE and DJ EFN’s podcast Drink Champs, he said that he could beat Eminem if they battled on Verzuz. “Eminem is Eminem, I like Eminem,” he said during the episode. “He’s one of the f*ckin good MCs, great MCs. I used to think Eminem was better than me. He not, he’s not. Challenge it. Yes, I do [Want to do Verzuz against Eminem].” After seeing the reaction from those around him, The Game pressed on. “What you mean, yeah I do. The f*ck you mean. I’m not saying I want smoke with Eminem, I’m saying I want smoke with Eminem, him, and him, whoever.”

After The Game’s comments made their way around social media, people were very quick to disagree with him:

You can watch a clip from the interview above and see the full interview here.