Just Blaze And Katty Customs Announce A Brand New Sneaker Customization Show With Uproxx

Sneaker-customizer-to-the-stars Katty Customs is joining forces with the legendary, 2021 Grammy-nominated rap producer Just Blaze for a new show on Uproxx that combines celebrity interviews with the eye-catching, conversation-starting world of sneaker customization. Fresh Pair — coming to Uproxx and YouTube.com/UproxxVideo in early 2022 — will see Katty and Just combining their tastemaking talents to create bespoke kicks for some of the biggest names in hip-hop and entertainment, elevating the sneaker to its true status as a modern-day luxury design item.

“With the custom work that she’s doing, it’s art in itself,” Just Blaze told EDITION magazine, Jay-Z’s newest venture, in an interview about the new show. “It’s not just about sneakers. It’s also about the art that goes into it.”

When it comes down to it, Fresh Pair is all about the art of great sneaker design. By collaborating with Just and diving deep into the careers of the stars she’s customing for, Katty will attempt to create designs that resonate on a deeper level with some of the biggest tastemakers in the world.

“Music artists have exclusive sneakers,” Katty told Edition‘s Gabrielle Pharms. “They can go to Nike and get it in a different colorway, but this is different. Me and Just can bring something different as far as getting a little bit more about their background and putting it on a shoe. It’ll be really special.”

To find out more about Katty and Just’s new show Fresh Pair head over to Edition to read the full interview and stay tuned for the first episode’s launch, here on Uproxx, in early 2022.