Travis Scott Honors His ‘Biggest Inspiration’ Björk, But Doesn’t Quite Get Her Name Right

Travis Scott played a headlining set at the Primavera Sound music festival in Chile last night. During his performance, he made a surprising shoutout. “One of my favorite artists in the whole world is here tonight,” Scott said before butchering an attempt at Björk’s name. While we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, as most might struggle with the Icelandic musician’s name, Scott’s version of the pronunciation came out more like “Bij-ork” — not once, but twice.

“She’s one of my biggest inspirations for why I do what I do,” he continued. “I’m so glad to be able to perform in front of her today. Björk, I f*cking love you so motherf*cking much, everybody make some motherf*cking noise.”

Some fans also discovered that Scott has sampled Björk’s music for his own work in the past. For Scott’s 2018 song, “No Bystanders,” he used a sample from her track “Jóga” for the instrumental. Although, the usage of it is very subtle.

Even more interesting, fans pointed out that the title of Scott’s next album might just be borrowed from Björk’s record too. In 2017, she released an album titled Utopia — and now, Scott is gearing up for one under the same name. The rapper’s fourth studio album will be a follow up to Astroworld.

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