Tyler The Creator Explains How ‘Flower Boy’ ‘Changed Everything For Me’ On The Album’s Fifth Anniversary

Up until the release of Tyler’s fourth studio album, Flower Boy, he was still considered an underdog. After its release, he found himself at the forefront of pop culture, poised to become a No. 1-selling, Grammy Award-winning, certified superstar. A lot of that is owed to the stylistic switch he made on Flower Boy; shedding his abrasive, foul-mouthed shock-rapper persona, Tyler leaned into more melodic production sensibilities and confessional songwriting — a gamble that surely paid off with more mainstream acceptance after his early material made the industry establishment keep him at arm’s length.

Today, on Flower Boy‘s fifth anniversary, Tyler reflected on how the album’s release was the moment that “changed everything” for him and shared his favorite musical moments from it, getting really specific as he underlined those moments down to the bar.

“my favorite FLOWER BOY moments: sometimes; music under first 4 bars of 2nd verse on pothole; ‘find the words’ section on garden shed; 2nd half of i aint got time; dropping seeds/november/ enjoy today as a whole; glitter 2nd half harmonies,” he wrote. “flower boy changed everything for me, thank you all for your ears.”

Now that Tyler’s wrapped up his tour for Call Me If You Get Lost, it’ll be interesting see what new creative turns his career takes.