The Weeknd Literally Falls Apart In His Surreal Animated Video For ‘How Do I Make You Love Me?’

As The Weeknd has gone through the After Hours and Dawn FM eras, the singer has done a tremendous job at consistently delivering compelling and visually interesting videos for the singles. Now, he’s back with another, this time for “How Do I Make You Love Me?.”

Most of The Weeknd’s clips are live-action, but this time, he gets animated. The visual starts with him lying in a hospital bed, with a copper-colored mask on his face (to his apparent surprise when he catches a glimpse of himself in a reflection. A scare Weeknd escapes the hostpital room by jumping out a window, but not before getting his arm torn off to revealed a smaller, child-like arm underneath.

Things get wild from there, as butterflies and moths fly from the holes in his face/mask as a giant winged insect terrorizes the city. He later takes to the sewers to escape an gigantic inflatable version of himself, where he’s chased by a grotesque person and loses more limbs. Eventually, he finds himself at the door of a woman’s apartment, but by the time he gets there, his body has essentially fallen completely apart to reveal a toddler inside him.

It’s a kooky ride full of well-executed visual moments, so check out the video above.