will.i.am And Lil Wayne Master ‘The Formula’ With Their Scorching New Single

Ahead of the upcoming F1 Grand Prix Race in Miami, which is set to take place this Sunday (May 7), will.i.am has shared a fiery new collaboration with Lil Wayne.

On “The Formula,” the hip-hop veterans remind listeners of their place in the game. Will experiments with drill sounds as he delivers snappy, clever bars.

“Lightning quick, y’all can’t stick with it / I stay slick like I’m liquid / Super complex, ain’t comin’ simplistic / I told ’em, I told ’em, I told ’em I’m sick with the cold / So let me encode ’em / I got the ammo, so watch me reload ’em /I’m comin’ with flammables, time to explode ’em,” he raps.

Swooping in with some more heat is Wayne, with a verse chock-full of car metaphors

“Call me, ‘Weezy F1’ / My car fly like the Jetson’s / You a small fry, need ketchup / Fall behind or you can catch up / You can fall down or you can step up / Been a long time since I messed up / I told Father Time I’m his step-son,” he raps.

In a recent interview with us, Will pleasantly recalled meeting Wayne for the first time, and described the vibe he got from him.

You can listen to “The Formula” above.