Billie Eilish And Seth Meyers Obsess Over ‘DILF’ Daniel Craig And His Striking Blue Eyes

Billie Eilish — who, along with Finneas, is behind the No Time To Die theme song — stopped by Late Night yesterday, and naturally, the conversation found its way to the movie, and from there, about how Daniel Craig is a “DILF” (Eilish’s words). The term, in case you’re unaware, is an abbreviation of “dad I’d like to f*ck” and is defined by as “an attractive older man, usually a father, who is regarded as a sexual object.”

On the show, Meyers asked if Eilish was nervous to meet Craig, to which she replied, “Yeah. He’s James Bond! He’s a DILF!” That led to a good minute-long conversation between Eilish and Meyers about Craig’s attractiveness. They quickly honed in on his eyes, with Meyers saying to Eilish, “Let me tell you something: You have beautiful blue eyes. I have beautiful blue eyes. But we can’t even be in the same room as that man’s eyes. These look like pinkeye compared to him.”

Holding her hands about a foot or so in front of her face, Eilish said, “It feels like they’re here on him. This is his face and these are his eyes.” Meyers added, “If you weren’t psyched about it, you’d say, ‘Your eyes are in my personal space.'”

They also talked about fan signs at Eilish’s concerts, Saturday Night Live, and more, so check out the full conversation above and below.