Crush Returns To The Music Scene With Some Help From BTS’ J-Hope In ‘Rush Hour’

It’s no longer “Rush Hour,” it’s officially “Crush hour.”

The Korean R&B singer’s comeback to the music scene kicked off earlier today (September 22) with his new single “Rush Hour” featuring BTS’ lead rapper J-Hope. The funk and soul track, written and composed by Crush himself, was also co-written by the BTS member and hip-hop artist PENEMECO. It’s been two years since Crush’s last release as the crooner went on to fulfill his mandatory service in the Korean military.

The music video, on the other hand, is quite reminiscent of a funky West Side Story-like musical production, where Crush is the main character and J-Hope is the supporting act. The lyrics by Crush emphasize the themes of his return to music: “It’s been 2 whole years of this/Held my tongue for way too long/Set my destination to the studio, ‘cause I can/This is Crush hour get out the way.” While J-Hope’s rap rides along on the theme of celebrating the singer’s comeback (“Y’all trippin’, whole lotta freaks/And now, [it’s] Crush hour/ Imma just follow his lead..”) J-Hope also incorporates some BTS choreography midway through the song.

As part of his return, the “Rush Hour” singer made an appearance on IU’s Palette (a show J-Hope recently guested on) where he performed his single and with an exclusive interview. To make things more special, J-Hope took things a step further and surprised Crush by sending him flowers and chocolate on set.