Self-Proclaimed ‘Rockstar’ Dolly Parton Is Finally Ready To Enter Her Rock Era With An Album On The Way

There’s been a lot of talk about Dolly Parton this year. The legendary singer turned down her Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nomination and then changed her mind and said she was going to make a rock album. Luckily, she shared more details about that LP in a new Tonight Show interview with Jimmy Fallon, as well as discussed her feelings about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and how she “didn’t mean to start any controversy.”

“I’m a rockstar now,” she told Fallon excitedly. “That’s what they said. That was such an honor. I’m making an album, too, because I have to live up to all that time.” When Fallon asked about the rejection of her nomination, she explained, “But honestly, I was sincere. I didn’t mean to start any controversy. When they said they wanted to put me in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, I thought that was for people who spent their whole life working to be in rock and roll. You don’t see Led Zeppelin in the Country Music Hall Of Fame. But anyway I found out it was more than that so when I realized what it was, I said, ‘If they put me in anyway, I would certainly accept it gracefully,’ which I did. I even wrote a song about it to tell the story about it.”

She said the name of the rock album will fittingly be Rockstar, and it’ll have a bunch of guests and a few originals. Mostly it will be covers, including “Purple Rain,” “Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” “Stairway To Heaven,” and “Free Bird.”

Watch her full interview above and below.