Dreamcatcher’s ‘Vision’ Continues The Message Of Combating Climate Change In A New Music Video

InSomnia, assemble. Your leaders — JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon — are back.

On Tuesday evening, 6 p.m. KST (5 a.m. EST/2 a.m. PST), Dreamcatcher unleashed the second installment of their Apocalypse series with their [Apocalypse: Follow Us] EP and lead single “Vision.” Just like their last EP, [Apocalypse : Save us], the rock girl group’s dark Apocalypse era follows the theme of raising environmental awareness and combating climate change.

With “Vision,” Dreamcatcher’s message becomes stronger as they don military uniforms and chant their plans to combat climate change in order to make the Earth a better and safer place to live in — “With all this rage filling the sky / The thunder strikes the world / On top of the land, you protected / Raise your flag and fight again / I can’t take it, I can’t hide any longer / Forward march!”

[Apocalypse: Follow Us] is the tenth EP from the Dreamcatcher Company’s septet and it contains six tracks, including the lead single “Vision” co-composed and arranged by June One of electronica band Glen Check.

Following the album’s promotions, the group will embark on a European tour titled, [Apocalypse : Follow us] 2022 Dreamcatcher World Tour – Europe. Dreamcatcher will visit five cities — Berlin, Tilburg, Warsaw, London, and Paris — over the course of ten days from November 14 to 24.

Check out the full tracklist to [Apocalypse: Follow Us] below.

1. “Intro : Chaotical X”
3. “Fairytale”
4. “Some Love”
5. “Rainy Day”
6. “Outro : Mother Nature”