The K-Pop Comebacks To Look Forward To In October

Fall comebacks are some of the releases many K-pop fans look forward to. By the time Q4 hits the Korean music industry, it’s the last strut for labels to release bangers to end the year off with, well, a bang.

So whether you’re a boy group stan, a girl group enthusiast, or, even better — a multi-stan (someone who just stans everyone), here are some of the comebacks to look forward to the most. But remember, more comebacks are already coming, and yet to be announced, this fall. So keep your eyes open.


As one of the first comebacks of the new month, AB6IX is set to return with their sixth EP, TAKE A CHANCE. The project’s lead single “Sugarcoat” was co-written and composed by member Lee Daehwi. The EP features seven new tracks including an English version of their song “CHANCE.” You can expect the new EP to drop on October 4.

Red Velvet Seulgi – The 1st Mini Album “28 Reasons”

Fresh off of making an appearance at New York Fashion Week, Red Velvet’s ace is will be making her long-anticipated debut with a solo set for October 4th. Known to be a film enthusiast among the group, Seulgi has dropped dark, cinematic teasers that offer a different side to what Reveluvs are used to from the Red Velvet member.

Stray Kids – “MAXIDENT!”

In the midst of dominating the world, Stray Kids follows their last project, Maniac, with a new EP that showcases a more daring side of the octet. First teasing some of the tracks at their recent Maniac stops in Seoul, the hype behind the seventh EP has led the JYP Entertainment group to sell 2.24 million pre-orders ahead of its official release on October 7.

The Rose – HEAL

Coinciding with their tour happening later in October, the Korean pop/rock band will make their return with a new album on October 7, which includes the track “Sour.” According to a press release, the band grabbed influence from the motto “music heals” and produced an album that’s been heavily inspired by stories from fans and the healing power of music.

Mamamoo – 12th Mini Album: ‘MIC ON’

As some fans of Mamamoo were concerned about the group’s future after some parted ways with the label, but the power quartet kept their word to promote together. With that said, Moos can expect Solar, Moonbyul, Hwasa, and Wheein’s mics to be on come October 11 with their 12th EP, MIC ON.

Dreamcatcher – 7th Mini Album [Apocalypse : Follow us]

After a successful summer tour this year, Dreamcatcher is set to release more music in October with their seventh EP, [Apocalypse : Follow us]. The EP will consist of six tracks, including the lead single “Vision,” produced by LEEZ, Ollounder, and June One of Glen Check.

Kep1er – The 3rd Mini Album: TROUBLESHOOTER

As one of the most sought after debuts of the year, rookie girl group Kep1er continues the energetic momentum with their third EP of the year. Dropping on October 13, Troubleshooter, alongside the lead single “We Fresh,” seem to be taking Kep1er away from the refreshing cute concept and routing them into a potential girl crush concept from the first set of teaser images.

WONHO – Bittersweet

As if he’s not already serving on Instagram (and everywhere that has a camera) with his looks, WONHO is scheduled deliver more in October with a second single album titled Bittersweet. The release will consist of two tracks, “Don’t Regret” and “On & On (featuring YUNHWAY),” co-written and composed by Wonho himself.

(G)I-DLE – 5th Mini Album [I love]

After rocking out with the whole nation with their viral hit “TOMBOY” earlier this year, alongside a successful US summer tour, K-pop’s ultimate girl crush quintet is set to release their fifth EP, [I love], with its title track “Nxde.” Donning bold red lipstick and blonde hair in the initial teaser photo, fans can expect Soyeon, Minnie, Miyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua to bring something sexy to the table.


After making headlines on their debut with their infectious debut single “Fearless,” LE SSERAFIM is set to make their return with their second EP ANTIFRAGILE. Compared to their last release that served sophisticated pop concepts, the recent teaser images for ANTIFRAGILE foreshadows something more elegant and avant-garde for October 17.