In The ‘Puppet’ Video, Faouzia Plays A Prisoner Who Breaks Free In A Glamorous Style

Faouzia fans have been watching the young pop star slowly but surely build a career for herself in the music industry. Sure, it doesn’t hurt that her signature style is incredibly strong as well, but the Moroccan-born pop star’s powerhouse voice is really what sets her apart from the rest. Last year the 21-year-old artist released a couple of excellent new singles, “Hero” in the summer followed up by “Puppet” in the fall, and both helped establish her within the mainstream pop world. Though she was born in Morocco, Faouzia was raised in Canada but is quickly becoming a crossover artist in America.

After a sold-out show in Los Angeles right on the heels of her new releases, Faouzia has clearly been hard at work prepping a video to go along with her newest single. And this week, the clip is finally here. “The idea for the ‘Puppet’ video is one I had been thinking of since I first wrote the song,” Faouzia said. “I’ve been not only thinking about what I wanted the visuals to be, but also about how I wanted to portray the meaning of the song through fashion, makeup, hair, and a story that feels true to myself.”

Collaborating with Kyle Cogan on the visual, Faouzia explains that each of the costume changes represents another version of the captured character. “I worked with Kyle Cogan on this one and he’s done such a phenomenal job at bringing it to life,” she explained. “The main character has been captured, strung up in wires to be examined and commanded by the faceless men. As we delve into her mind, we see four versions of her, each representing a different element of lost control. While each character has their own meaning for me, I’m excited to see how everyone connects with each variation as I know everyone will see different reflections of their own lives.”

There’s plenty of her signature high-fashion looks, some disorienting fisheye camera lenses, and so many costume changes, as those who would have this pop star do their bidding get a wake up call. It’s right there in the lyrics of the song, but clearly, her rebellion just needed the right setting for her to break free. Check out the dramatic clip above and keep an ear out for more new music from Faouzia, hopefully coming very soon.

Faouzia is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.