Olympic Swimmer Katie Ledecky Said Taylor Swift Nailed A ’10/10′ Dive During Her ‘Eras Tour’ Concert

Taylor Swift‘s Eras tour is making waves. Maybe not literally, however, that’s not stopping her from nailing flawless stage dives. The Eras tour hasn’t even wrapped up its first week, but even pro-athletes are impressed at her ability to perform and dance for three hours.

During a performance in Glendale, Swift dove off of the stage, and disappeared into the floor. The dive has since gone viral on Twitter and TikTok.

“aside from being a 12-time grammy winner, a doctor, a director, one of the most acclaimed songwriter of the music industry, and having a record breaking career in the arts, taylor swift is now searching for that swimming olympic medal,” said one fan on Twitter, look at that dive.”

“TAYLOR A PROFESSIONAL DIVER,” said a fan on TikTok, who continued, asking, “Where’s that gold medal??”

Even three-time Olympic swimmer and seven-time gold medalist Katie Ledecky had to give Swift her props.

“Three-hour shows. @taylorswift13 is definitely a distance swimmer,” said Ledecky in a tweet.

A fan then replied, asking Ledecky, “what do you think about Taylor’s underwaters here”

Ledecky responded, saying, “10/10 dive but may have gone past 15m underwater”

It’s safe to say that Ledeck is a certified Swiftie.