Lorde Partners With Sonos To Launch Her Introspective ‘Solarsystym’ Station

Lorde fans will now be able to get a taste of what inspires her. With her new radio station, “Solarsystym,” available to stream exclusively on Sonos Radio, Lorde will curate a special selection of music and share candid stories about her musical journey.

“‘Solarsystym’ is like stepping into my brain, giving listeners a front row seat to the songs that have meant a ton to me and my life,” said Lorde in a statement. “It is a collection of forms, gravitationally bound, a handful of planets, dozens, more dwarf planets, and countless little rocks. All reflecting light from a sun. These are the forms that have altered my course for better.”

On her station, Lorde will play an eclectic mix of music, from ’70s rock and disco to present-day hip-hop, all while recalling the music, artists, and moments in time that inspired her craft.

In addition to “Solarsystym,” Lorde has teamed up with eco-friendly designers Everybody.World to create a sustainable carrying bag for their Roam device, Sonos’ new portable Bluetooth speaker.

“Sonos Radio lets fans dive deeper into the context, stories and raw creativity from some of the greatest music minds today,” said Brian Beck, Head Of Music for Sonos, in a statement. “Lorde is an artistic force to be reckoned with, so to follow the trajectory of how and where she’s been influenced is an invaluable experience for her fans.”