Miley Cyrus Invoked A Perfect Dolly Parton-ism About ‘Showing Your Boobs’ While Reflecting On Her New Year’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Miley Cyrus is only 30 years old, but she’s already had a lengthy performing career full of iconic outfits… including one that didn’t work out as intended. Cyrus’ godmother Dolly Parton, as she often does, had a clever line (about boobs) that perfectly summed up the situation.

In a new video for Vogue, Cyrus discusses some of her most iconic outfits. Towards the end, the segment got to her 2021 New Year’s Eve performance of “Party In The USA,” which started with her shirt breaking and nearly falling off. After an impromptu outfit change, she played it off, joking, “Everybody’s definitely looking at me now. I’m still in the most clothes that I’ve ever worn onstage.”

In the Vogue video, Cyrus said:

“Oh jeez. Akna, I’m not going to call you out, because it actually ended up being incredible press for your girl. But this look is Akna 2021 for Miley’s New Year’s Eve. This outfit did not stay on for very long because the chain in the back broke. But what is a live TV performance with everything going right? Live TV is a tightrope walk. They wanna see you dangle, but they don’t want to see you fall. […] The ratings were skyrocketing.”

She then recalled a classic line from Dolly Parton: “‘Show your boobs and you get renewed.’ Dolly taught me that.”

Watch the video above.