Shawn Mendes’ Very Canadian Christmas Included Taking An Underwear-Only Dip In A Freezing River

Shawn Mendes celebrated the Christmas holiday in typical Canadian fashion. Or, rather, by wearing nearly nothing at all. The pop star decided to take the polar plunge challenge by swimming in a freezing river in nothing but his underwear.

Originally, he was wearing a sweater and some boots but winds up getting undressed for the dip. His friends, who were filming, also show the water, which is covered in snow and frozen ice.

Mendes climbs into the water with one of the friends before proceeding to dunk himself in the water. “It’s cold!” he said in the video — as if it wasn’t expected for a Northern December.

Still, he dunks himself a few more times. Mendes then seems to chicken out as he exits the river before his friend and puts back on his clothes. At the end of the video, he gives one last enthusiastic thumbs up to the camera.

“I can’t feel a thing,” Mendes added.

After posting the video to Instagram, Mendes’ fans and friends had a lot of thoughts.

“BLUE BALLS. LITERALLY,” producer Ryan Tedder commented. Meanwhile, Sabrina Carpenter jokingly asked, “was it cold tho.”

Twitter had some jokes, too. “he really went into cold water then said ‘its so cold’ like duh boy what did you expect,” one fan replied about the video.

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