AEW Executives Gave New Statements About Healthcare For Their Wrestlers

05.17.19 3 months ago


The state of healthcare for pro wrestlers became a hot topic recently when John Oliver did a segment about WWE’s business practices last month. Since then, a WWE wrestler joked on Twitter about this and an indie wrestler revealed it was why he chose not to work with the company. But even before the mainstream exposure of this issue, people wondered if All Elite Wrestling, the new wrestling company with “change the world” as its slogan, would provide healthcare benefits for its performers, especially since one of their Executive Vice Presidents had publicly supported this in the past.

While AEW vows to be different from WWE, the Young Bucks and company president Tony Khan didn’t describe a benefits plan all that different from that of the industry giant when asked about it back in January, saying a “healthcare package… could be available” in the future, but at that time, this was only provided for executives.

In an extremely favorable article on Bleacher Report – which is, like AEW’s TV home, TNT, owned by Warner Media, and on whose streaming service, B/R Live, Double or Nothing will be available to purchase as a PPV – some AEW representatives gave more detailed statements about benefits for their workers.

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