Braun Strowman Discussed Being Punched In The Head By Brock Lesnar At Royal Rumble

02.09.18 5 months ago 5 Comments

Braun Strowman has undoubtedly been one of WWE’s biggest breakout stars throughout the past year. Dude had a string of bulletproof matches with Big Show, he survived a week-long ride in the back of a garbage truck, and he even tried to eat seven pounds of fish sandwich. He truly is a monster among men.

But even monsters among men can run afoul of beasts, as we all found out a few weeks ago at the 2018 Royal Rumble, when he squared off with Brock Lesnar in a hellacious match for the Universal Championship. (Also, Kane was there.)

Early on in the match, Strowman connected with a pretty stiff knee to Lesnar’s head; Lesnar responded shortly thereafter with a massive right hand to the side of Strowman’s skull, the kind of punch that would keep 99.9 percent of the world down. Just in case you need a visual refresher:

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