Braun Strowman Delivered Hands And Broke A Record In The Elimination Chamber


Braun Strowman has been one of the best parts of Monday Night Raw for a while now. The Monster Among Men’s feats of strength and violence, including flipping a semi truck, attempting murder by grappling hook, and flipping the entire English commentary station on Kane, have endeared him to WWE fans and produced some viral videos along the way. We also got to see his funny and artistic side recently when he dropped his new single “Get These Hands” during a walk with Elias. And then destroyed Elias with a stand-up bass.

Wrestling fans have had a lot of fun speculating what Braun destroy at the Elimination Chamber. The match features recent hands-recipients Elias, the Miz, and John Cena, and a guy – The Guy, actually – who Strowman confirmed he is not yet finished with on With Spandex’s very own podcast, McMahonsplaining. Would Strowman break his way out of his pod early? Crush someone with a pod? Maybe even flip the entire Elimination Chamber?

The Monster Among Men entered the chamber sixth out of seven competitors, and quickly got to rampaging. He used human beings as weapons, and threw the Miz off the top of a pod.

After eliminating the A-Lister, Reigns, Cena, Balor, and Rollins teamed up against Strowman while Elias relatable opted to stay in his pod. Strowman survived a Shield Bomb (kicking out of a four-person pin), AA, spear, Curb Stomp, and Coup de Grace.

Strowman eliminated Elias, John Cena, and Finn Balor, leaving him in the ring with the Shield brethren. He kicked out of a massive frog splash off a pod from Rollins before eliminating the Architect with a powerslam. Alas (not Elias), Strowman’s record-setting five eliminations in one Chamber match was all for naught, as he was speared and pinned by Reigns to end the match.

We ended up not getting a Crazy Braun Spot (TM) after Reigns eliminated him. But Strowman, for whom sportsmanship has never been a strength, did deliver several running power slams to the Big Dog. Strowman also threw him through a pod, which Reigns did to him earlier in the match.

Although Strowman didn’t earn a rematch with Lesnar at WrestleMania or tear the roof off the Chamber and throw it into the crowd, he did set a record for most eliminations in one match, with five.

Only two other men have five or more Elimination Chamber eliminations, period, and the others needed multiple matches to do it. John Cena has five eliminations in three Chamber matches, and Triple H (surprise!) holds the all-time Chamber eliminations record with seven over four matches. But don’t worry; Strowman will probably blow past that record next year. All hail Braun.