Charlotte Flair Insists It’s Not A Slight For Becky Lynch To Share The ‘WWE 2K20’ Cover


There had been rumors that Becky Lynch would be on the cover of the WWE 2K20 video game. That turned out to be true, but she shares the cover with Roman Reigns, whereas previous covers have featured a solo Superstar: Randy Orton on 2K12, CM Punk on 2K13, Daniel Bryan on 2K14, John Cena on 2K15, Stone Cold Steve Austin on 2K16, Brock Lesnar on 2K17, Seth Rollins on 2K18, and AJ Styles on 2K19. Apparently there’s an idea in the air, although as someone involved in feminist wrestling discourse online I haven’t personally seen anyone say it, that having to share the cover with a man is an insult to Becky.

The Wrap asked Becky’s best frenemy Charlotte Flair for her thoughts, and Charlotte was pretty direct about why she doesn’t see it as a problem.

Right now, with Becky’s year and us main-eventing WrestleMania, which is the pinnacle of the Women’s Evolution, which is not just gonna stop there — it’s not a slight to Becky. It’s just Roman’s “The Guy,” or the man, and so is Becky. It’s a representation of saying, “OK we still put Becky on the cover, the first time ever for a woman.” I think it’s more kudos that Roman is standing behind her. Roman Reigns is standing behind her. [He’s] the face of our company. That’s the big message to me.

I think basically what it comes down to is that yeah, it would have been that much more impressive a shift if they’d put Becky on the cover by herself. But the fact that they put her on it at all is pretty cool. And Charlotte’s right that Roman is the highest profile guy in WWE (certainly of the ones who haven’t already had a 2K cover), so sharing with him is more of a compliment than an insulte.