WWE’s Reportedly Still Planning A ‘Major Match’ For Dave Batista At WrestleMania

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With Triple H’s pec injury at Crown Jewel removing him from competition for most of the next year, that left the rumored Triple H vs. Dave Batista match for WrestleMania 35 in stasis and Batista’s return to the active WWE roster on hold. The match was previously teased in a segment during Smackdown 1000, which also included a surprising amount of Ric Flair dick pantomime.

Not it’s being reported (via Cageside by way of Slice) that despite Triple H being medically unavailable, WWE is still talking to Big Dave about a “major match” at WrestleMania.

We still have to wait and see how much time Batista’s various film commitments would allow him to strap into the all blue everything and step back into a WWE ring, but it sounds like he’ll be back in some form with or without The Game. Batista was recently added to the cast of the Dune reboot, and is still dealing with the fallout from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise losing James Gunn as director. But hey, if it works, there are worse things to have on your biggest show of the year than Drax the Destroyer a couple of weeks before the biggest film in the biggest franchise in film history drops.

So who do you think Batista gets in the ring with, if not Triple H? Cena again? Orton again? The Undertaker? Let us know what you think down in our comments.