Watch A Scene From Dave Bautista’s Insane-Looking New Action Movie ‘Bushwick’

The pro wrestling takeover of Hollywood has been underway for some time now. The Rock is, of course, the biggest movie star in the world, and now the race is on between John Cena and Dave Bautista to see who can be the next to be a certified, bankable movie star.

Cena has been in more films (although some of those were, like, The Marine and 12 Rounds), and has gotten nothing but raves for his work in Trainwreck and Sisters. But Bautista might actually hold the edge for now, as his Drax is already nearly iconic and the second Guardians of the Galaxy is coming up, plus he was a named henchman in a James Bond movie, which is probably worth all five Marine movies put together (sorry, Miz).

Now he’s in a new movie called Bushwick, which, judging by the scene up there, is going to be absolutely bonkers. It’s about a group of secessionists who lead an insurgency in New York City to pressure Congress into ratifying their departure from the Union, and a group of people (including ex-military guy Bautista) has to try to get to safety in Bushwick. It’s a high-concept action film that has suddenly become absolutely horrifying given our current … you know. ANYWAY!

Bushwick received a pretty glowing writeup in Variety following its premiere at Sundance this week, with attention paid to Bautista’s performance. And honestly, dude is a pretty fantastic actor already. He out-acted Robert De Niro in Heist, and that wasn’t entirely due to De Niro massively phoning it in in that movie.

If you didn’t think the movie looked bonkers-batshit enough already, check out this other short clip:

This movie is … really going to be something. It might end up being like The Raid, only harrowingly depressing. Sign me up!