Everything You Wanted To Know About Drax’s Tats Can Be Found In This Deleted Scene

It’s nice to know that even long after a blockbuster film has had its moment in the sun, that there are still little secrets and gems to uncover about its making. Case in point, The Huffington Post debuted a deleted scene from last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy that provides more background on fan-favorite character Drax the Destroyer.

The scene (which was not on the Blu-ray but which can be found as a part of the Marvel Phase Two box set) features Drax explaining the origins of his body-covering tattoos to Groot and Rocket Raccoon. As you can see, the special effects on Groot and Rocket remain unfinished, but Bradley Cooper’s sharp-tongued vocal performance remains intact.

On one hand, superfans are always going to see value in these kinds of hidden goodies that add texture to a film — especially with something as popular as Guardians of the Galaxy — but these aren’t usually vital scenes or they would have been in the film. It’s still super fun to see Drax yell at what looks like crude computer animation from the mid-1990s, though.

(via The Huffington Post)