Watch The Fiend’s Surprise Appearance At The End Of Clash Of Champions

Clash of Champions had a lot of surprises — the long-awaited return of Luke Harper, multiple title changes, wild brawls around the arena, and more — but it ended on an important one; Bray Wyatt’s good friend The Fiend appearing from out of nowhere, shadow-binder style, to attack Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

Rollins had already wrestled twice on the night, losing the Raw Tag Team Championship to Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler before retaining the Universal Championship against his former partner, Braun Strowman. It took four Stomps and a Pedigree to put Strowman down, and Rollins though he was done. But he forgot the threat of The Fiend, who’d already made his intentions to challenge the winner of the match clear.

And let that be a lesson to you, folks. When a haunted children’s show host who has psychologically self-referential puppet friends and is at the service of a teleporting demon clown who decides whether or not he’s going to hurt you by listening to his gloves challenges you, keep an eye out for him. He’s probably going to teleport in and put his hand in your mouth until you gag yourself into unconsciousness. It seems pretty obvious when you put it like that, doesn’t it?