Jonathan Coachman Doesn’t Think This Is The Right Time For Hulk Hogan To Return To WWE

04.05.18 1 year ago 8 Comments


Timing is everything in life, and it can dictate many things. When it comes to the case of Hulk Hogan and WWE potentially reuniting, there are more than a few people who believe the timing is all wrong right now.

The first brush with the Hulkster potentially returning to WWE started when it came out that Hogan wanted a substantial amount of cash for appearing with Bullet Club at Wrestle Kingdom in January for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Then talk of a WWE return kicked off, and one of the biggest advocates of the move was Ric Flair, claiming that Hogan was the second person to come see him after he had fallen into a coma.

Then came the other side of the equation, as former TNA and WWE wrestler MVP who thought that the racial comments that Hogan had made were entirely too much to get over. Following that, newly-minted WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry said that he’d be okay with the Hogan’s return, but only if he apologized to all of the wresters of color on the roster. Hogan heard Henry’s comments and said he not only owed black wrestlers an apology, but the whole roster, in an “all lives matter” sort of way to smooth things over.

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