Rob Gronkowski And Mojo Rawley Appeared In A Music Video And It Got Really, Really Weird

We all know that Mojo Rawley and Rob Gronkowski have a very, very special friendship.The best buds are seen pretty much everywhere together, including WrestleMania and episodes of Smackdown. Mojo has said in the past that he owes his entire career to the Gronkowski family, and continues to insist that Gronk is raring to go for a WWE career once he’s done playing in the NFL.

While the two have had an extremely bizarre and bro-tastic public bromance — including Mojo being front and center on Gronk’s wild-ass party cruise — I don’t think anyone was ready for their latest escapades, which have Gronk serving as a human sushi platter while Gronk gleefully pours soy sauce all over his lithe and muscular body.

Let me back up for a second.

Gronk and Mojo are the special stars (along with, I guess, “babes”) of a new video from 3LAU, which is an EDM artist that is pronounced “Blau,” if you can believe it. The video features Gronk fantasizing about a wide array of scenarios, including having sushi waiter (or maybe just sushi enthusiast?) Mojo Rawley crash a Gronk sex-sushi party to douse the tight end in sodium juice.

But enough talking about it, behold for yourselves:

Well … that definitely happened! I’m personally having a hard time determining whether this is the weirdest thing these two goofballs have ever done, or is so on-the-nose and inevitable as to be totally normal. It’s probably weird, though. Enjoy never getting Mojo’s Gronk-drizzle out of your head.