Former Tag Team Champion Nicholas Finally Got His Own Entrance Video

WWE YouTube

We tried to guess Braun’s tag team partner, we took some stabs at what Braun’s WrestleMania stunt would be (smh at not even thinking about typing “destroy Mardi Gras parade”), and boy were we wrong. As you know by now, Braun Strowman went into the crowd, grabbed a kid, and then dethroned the tag team champs for one of WrestleMania’s weirdest highlights.

Of course, it would be a complete reach to say that Nicholas winning the Raw tag team titles with Braun Strowman was the highlight of WrestleMania. Unless you are Nicholas’ dad or you’re in class with Nicholas and you had/have a crush on him or you are Nicholas yourself.

That said, it was most certainly a moment and if we can get a couple of more sweet feels out of the weird curveball Braun took when choosing his partner, so be it. WWE has delivered Nicholas’ entrance video which we will never see on the big screen because Nicholas had to go back to the fourth grade.

We should all be seriously rooting for Nicolas to grow into the kind of person who wants to become a professional wrestler. We all know WWE is the best in the business when it comes to putting together heartfelt video packages and they are sitting on a (very far in the future) gold mine.

While we’re here, let’s also root for Goldberg’s shirtless son to pursue a sports entertainment career so we can explain to our children how we got here. Here being “WrestleMania 50 and the Nicholas vs. Goldberg Jr. main event.”