Sasha Banks Is Working With WWE Again, But Not Necessarily Wrestling

05.24.19 4 weeks ago


It’s been a month and a half since WrestleMania, and the rift between Sasha Banks and WWE management does not seem to have healed. As you’ll recall, after a couple of days of canceled events and ominous tweets, reports came out that Sasha had tried to quit WWE during WrestleMania. The initial assumption was that she was upset about how quickly she and Bayley were made to drop the Women’s Tag Team Championships to the IIconics, but later accounts from various sources revealed that this was also when she and Bayley found out that WWE was splitting them up, meaning they wouldn’t even get a chance to chase those titles or have a rematch. Since then, Bayley has found her greatest in-ring success in years, while Sasha has simply been absent.

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