Please Enjoy WWE’s Elias And Finn Bálor Covering ‘Shallow’ From ‘A Star Is Born’


A lot happened in the world this weekend, such as the filing of the Mueller Report, but nothing will prove as historically important as WWE Superstars Elias and Finn Bálor doing a cover of ‘Shallow’ from A Star Is Born at a WWE Live Event. This is the kind of moment we’re living for over here.

The song — which was the talk of both the Grammy Awards and the Academy Awards, the latter of which became a meme — carries a lot of emotional weight and relies on a deep interpersonal chemistry. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did admirably, but the subject matter at play here can only truly be touched by a vagabond musician who travels around with a professional wrestling company for some reason and plays songs about how much he hates whatever town he’s in, and a good-natured Irish gymnast who loves to play with LEGO and is occasionally possessed by an unstoppable, belt-headed demon. But I’m just telling you stuff you already know.

Please enjoy.

To put it another way,


I really hope that Lady Gaga stumbles across this at some point and decides her next look should be, “naked except for a leather jacket, white boots, and red underpants.”